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Monday, November 1, 2010

top 5 Ipod/iPhone apps

5. Chess With friends
This game is very much like words with friends, except it's chess. It lets you play chess with random opponents or with friends if you have their user name (mine is Zantinga). I love this because I love chess, and it lets me play multiple games against multiple people at the same time.
Cost: $2.99 for full, there is a free version that has ads

The name says it all, an easy to use Twitter client. (follow me @janzantinga)
Cost: FREE

3. Comiczeal
Comiczeal is a comic book reader that supports most major digital comic formats. It allows for easy syncing between the computer and your i(insert device name here). It's easy to use and very good for comic fanatics.
Cost: $7.99 for ipad version, $3.99 for iPod/iPhone version

2. Mobile Mouse
This is a great mouse app. It allows you to control your computer over the wireless network and do things like easily watch movies, launch programs, and other things that you're to lazy to get up and go do.
Cost: $1.99 for pro version, FREE for version with slightly less

1. Google
Easy to search or launch other google applications for the google lovers like me.
Cost: FREE

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