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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


He stared out the window of the bus with a cold expression on his face. the people around him were going about their lives. A teenager in front of him was listening to his iPod, an elderly couple was in the back, talking about wheel or fortune or some shit, but the majority of the people were dressed in suits, believing that they were important and that what they did actually mattered.
Watching them from the corner of his eye, he knew; he knew that none of them were special or unique, they were all the same. Just fuckin' wastes of life. He could kill them all with a single thought, he should kill them, those worthless wastes of carbon. But no, that would only attract attention, which was the last thing that he wanted to do, which was why he was dressed the way he was. Converse shoes, jeans, and a black hoodie with the hood casting an ominous shadow over his face, where the only thing that showed through were his eyes; his evil, hateful eyes. If someone were to pay any attention to him, they would say that there was an evil look about him, one that would make the devil himself cringe in fear.
The bus slowed to a stop. This must be my stop, he thought to himself, even though he had no idea where he was, it was his stop. He had to always keep moving, keep a low profile, and constantly change direction.

Jeremy Adams had been running for months now without any large encounters. He tried his best to draw as little attention to himself as possible. A clap of thunder reverberated in the sky. He looked up and a fleet of minuscule droplets descended upon him. He smiled. "Looks like it might rain today." he said to himself. He liked the rain, it meant that there would be less people on the street, which meant less people to pay attention to him. Although, with where he was, it didn't really matter. Not many people ventured into the back alleys of New York. That was, of course, unless they wanted to get mugged.
He looked around for someone that might try to mug him and saw a scraggly man hiding in the shadow of a dumpster up ahead. He hoped that this desperate man tried to mug him...he wanted to have some fun.
He walked up to the dumpster and began to slow down as he passed it. He allowed the man to catch a glimpse of him and decide. Jeremy heard the cocking of a gun behind him and stopped. "Move one fuckin' muscle, and I'll blow your goddamn brains all over the street! Now give me your wallet, slowly" the man said with a bit of a slur. "He's probably been drinking," Jeremy thought to himself. "Even more fun."
"I would," Jeremy said with a cold confidence, "but you are no threat to me."
"You betta shut the fuck up and gimme yo fuckin wallet!" the man yelled, becoming impatient.
"Why should I? you couldn't shoot me even if you wanted to." replied Jeremy, closing his eyes.
"Okay you motherfucker, you asked for it!" The mugger pulled the trigger and a gunshot echoed through the alleyway. The muggers face turned from anger to sheer terror, as the bullet stopped inches from Jeremy's head. Jeremy turned around and looked the would-be mugger in the eyes.
"My turn" he said with an evil smile.

The gun in the mugger's hand disassembled itself into individual pieces, and each piece fell go the ground with a metallic clunk. The mugger stared at his hand in astonishment, and then terror. He turned and began to run as fast as he could. Jeremy rose his hand and, with a flick of his wrist, the mugger's knee caps exploded in a shower of blood and bone. The mugger screamed and fell to the ground. He tried to crawl away, glancing back at the hooded demon that slowly walked towards him.
Jeremy looked down at the man, with rain droplets splashing against his horrified face and causing the blood to flow freely from the place where is knee caps were. He looked at the man begging for his life in disgust and raised his hand. He clenched his fist, and the mugger's head exploded, sending blood, brains, and shrapnel parts of the man's skull flying in all different directions. Jeremy walked away and smiled, it felt good to demonstrate his power, to let it control him, and to destroy the worthless. The rain slowly washed the blood from the walls of the alley into the gutter in the street.

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